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Whatever Happened to Fareed Zakaria?

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I first encountered Fareed Zakaria in 1996, when I read this intelligent analysis of communitarianism he wrote:

Since then, Zakaria has become an editor for Time and a host on CNN. He has also become a shill for internationalism and panderer of happy talk. Here he is in 2012 telling Harvard graduates how wonderful everything is:

Or it would be if we would just let our government keep buying votes as it was meant to do:

OK, he does identify entitlement spending as the real driver of public debt. But no one has the political will to cut that. So, until we find the perfect solution, what do we do?

Then there was his piece on CNN Sunday (21 Apr) where he claimed that gold was due for a downward correction. No worries, everything is under control.

It’s impossible to imagine Zakaria today writing anything like, “Along with serious scholars like Michael Walzer and unserious publicists like Amitai Etzioni, …” Did he have half his brain removed somewhere between then and now?


Written by srojak

April 22, 2013 at 6:54 pm

Posted in Blowing Sunshine, Media

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