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The Oversight

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This poem was originally printed in the Akron Times, and reprinted in the Journal of Electrical Workers and Operators, January 1922, published by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Irving Babbitt reprinted the last stanza in the note on p. 222 of Democracy and Leadership.

The Oversight

There are many scores of schemers,
Poets, orators and dreamers
Who are working for the bright millennium;
But in spite of all their hoping,
Mankind still is blindly groping
And the Golden Era somehow fails to come.

If some special dispensation
Could bring wholesale reformation,
Revolutionize us mortals over night,
Why, the well-known species human —
Male and female, man and woman —
Soon would make this earth a planet of delight.

But, although we are improving,
We are sadly slow in moving
Toward the period of sinlessness and bliss,
And instead of lightly tripping
To the goal, our feet are slipping
And our program of redemption goes amiss.

So, I judge it is not treason
To advance a simple reason
For the sorry lack of progress we decry.
It is this: Instead of working
On himself, each one is shirking
And trying to reform the other guy.


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May 12, 2013 at 5:00 pm

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