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Election Days

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Tuesday, November 4, is Election Day. It is the generally recognized time for the citizens to make political choices. However, the choices you get among a small set of choices previously made.

Many people are dissatisfied with this condition. The complaint that we choose between the lesser of two evils is a statement that I have heard since before I was old enough to vote.

Some people have plans to do something about this. Larry Lessig has been promoting his ideas for campaign finance reform lately; you can read about them here and here. Pardon my skepticism, but this appears to be the latest of a long tradition of goo-goo reform ideas, going back to direct election of senators, that have always manifested unintended consequences.

Meanwhile, there are other elections. There is an election every day. You vote with your scarce resources: your money, time and attention. That which people put their resources behind will grow and prosper. That which they deprive of resources will wither and die.

By all means, vote. It is a civic duty. But don’t think that the choices end when you leave the polling place, or that you only make choices of political consequence once a year.



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November 3, 2014 at 1:12 pm

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