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The Aggressive Sorority Sister Resigns

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Here is the original story:

The PR heat got too intense, and she had to leave the kitchen:

My purpose here is not to pile on the author. Plenty of comments have already covered all the things wrong with her mail.

What specifically interests me is the sorority’s attempt to circle the wagons:

My name is [redacted] and I am the current president of Delta Gamma at the University of Maryland. It has been brought to my attention that you recently published an unsavory email that was sent out over my chapter’s list-serve. Is it possible for you to either remove the article or just remove the names “Delta Gamma” and “Sigma Nu” from your article? This email absolutely does not reflect our chapter’s values nor Sigma Nu’s and any assistance you can give us is greatly appreciated.

That didn’t work, so the author had to fall on her keyboard:

Delta Gamma has accepted the resignation of one of its members whose email relating to a social event has been widely distributed and publicized through social media and traditional media channels.

The tone and content of the email was highly inappropriate and unacceptable by any standard.

No matter who released it to the public or how it reached such a mass audience, the email content should not reflect on any sorority woman in general or any fraternal organization at large.

The author wasn’t just some random pledge; according to the Gawker article, she was a member of the executive board. The sorority’s announcement identifies her as a junior. So there she was, quitely biding her time for three years, working her way into positions of even greater responsibility, until one day she could suddenly and unexpectedly reveal her true colors?

No sale. The email completely exposes the chapter’s values for all to see. How embarassing.

This email should not be depicted in any way as standard or routine or tied to any official sorority voice. It is not an official voice or message and should not be construed as such.

I’m sure it was routine for that organization. She didn’t get in trouble for having been a crass, abusive bully. She got in trouble because her mail circulated, making the organization an object of ridicule for the whole country. I am confident that her tone was not completely inconsistent with the culture of the organization. She just had her mail blow up in her face.

For the young woman who wrote it, we can only express our regret and concerns for landing notoriety in this manner.

Whereas, what we really want to say is, “Thanks for landing us in notoriety in this manner.”

We now consider this matter closed.

You might consider the matter closed. Good luck getting others to agree.


Written by srojak

April 25, 2013 at 6:20 pm